13 Steps To Get Out Of Debt

Today, I will be sharing ANC's On The Money entitled Getting Out Of Debt with Ms. Rowena Suarez, a Registered Financial Planner, as their guest.

Here are the 13 steps to get our of debt:

 1. Face the problem
 2. Commit to get out of debt
 3. Decide on a time frame to settle your debt
 4. Make an inventory of your debt and prioritize
 5. Record your expenses
 6. Determine your needs and your wants
 7. Let go of your wants
 8. Use the "wants" money to get out of debt
 9. Choose debt with the highest interest rate and pay it off first.
10. Work out a payment scheme with your creditors
11. Pay with cash
12. Find another source of income
13. Learn from your experience and make it a life choice

 Learn more about these steps by viewing the video below.

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